Novel News: Update

The last three months have been rife with conflict, disappointments, and grief. Despite all that has happened, I’ve persevered, with more than a little help from the Lord, and pushed forward with my writing career. 

Regarding “The Heir Comes Forth”

Still in possession of some author copies, I’m in the process of scheduling a few book signings to generate interest while expanding my search for a new publisher for my debut novel. I am also still selling on Amazon for those who are unable to attend and wish to purchase online. 

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Regarding Other Projects

I have two sequels to “The Heir Comes Forth” outlined and I’m in the process of writing. I am also working on a shorter stand alone mystery novel that I plan to self-epublish some time next year. 


Author Copies

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I’m selling signed first edition author copies at 50% off the cover price! If you’re interested, follow the link below! Offer ends February 21st. 

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Author Report ’16

This being my first year as a new author, it really has been a year overflowing with blessings. The acceptance of my manuscript at the end of ’15 and the eventual publication  of my first novel, The Chronicles of Alethia: The Heir Comes Forth, on August 30, 2016 has been both a gratifying and a humbling experience. The process from edited manuscript to published on the shelf is a grueling gauntlet. Yet for those who persevere, the reward is amazing.

Since publication, sales of The Heir Comes Forth has exceeded my expectations. No I’m not on the Best Seller’s List, but for my first novel, I am very satisfied with my success. It is truly humbling at how this story has been received, and I just want to thank all the people who supported me along the way and of course those who posted reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

So what’s next?

I’ve already made significant progress on the manuscript for my untitled sequel to The Heir Comes Forth, taking part in National Novel Writing Month back in November. No the manuscript is not finished, but I’m making steady progress in its completion. I’m also working on other stories in other genres that will hopefully come out in late 2017. Please keep checking in and thanks to everyone who’s supported me during this process.

Happy New Year!

-R. S. Gullett